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Business Conference

Whether you are an individual business owner, a non-profit, a politician, artist, lawyer, activist, or large company, your story is a vital part of how you build relationships with your public.

From fundraising, to press releases, to memoirs, to social media, there are many opportunities to incorporate your story to build empathy, identification, and captivate your audience with compelling content - the kind that they want to share with others. 

The Golden Saga Workshop Program offers a condensed version of our more robust Coaching Program with more flexibility. Here, the five lessons are presented in an hour workshop, which can be given to one person, two people, or a whole group of people at a more affordable rate per person.

In a commitment to our values of giving our tools to all those whose lived experience can make a difference, this program is designed to be more accessible. It was developed especially for those who cannot afford the time commitment or money that the full Coaching Program requires.

This program is designed for those who:

1.  are looking for a quick skill-boost.

2.  don't know where to start.

3.  want to try out our methods before committing.

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