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"As a PhD historian and theatre maker, I have dedicated my career to studying the most effective storytelling techniques from across time."

-Christen Mandracchia


Golden Saga LLC. was developed by Christen Mandracchia in 2021 as the gold standard in storytelling for public relations.


Christen is a professional historian with a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Maryland.


She also holds a certificate in writing personal histories from the London School of Journalism and is a member of  the Biographer's International Organization (BIO).


As a professional theatre-maker, who is active in the culture industry, she has dedicated her life to studying and practicing the most effective storytelling methods from across time. She is of the conviction that the historian’s treatment should not only be reserved for the powerful and the dead. With this in mind, she has artfully distilled the best of her scholarly methodologies and thousands of years of theatrical knowledge into five actionable steps for telling personal histories, which are taught over the course of five sessions in the Coaching Program or workshops. She also offers consulting services.

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